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iPhone Scam Alert: How to Protect Your Apple ID

The statement leaving Apple users believing that their devices cannot be hacked or become infected from malware is completely false. Hackers, now more than ever, are restlessly working on new ways to crack into Apple software. The latest scam, which surfaced earlier this week, is affecting iPhone users around the globe.

About the scam:

In this particular scam, SMS text messages are sent to Apple Users informing users that their Apple ID is about to expire and needs to be re-activated. A link is conveniently provided and will redirect users to a forum prompting individuals to enter their Apple User ID and password.

Now that the individual has entered their personal information, scammers can then log in to your iCloud account and steal viable information such as banking information, emails, contact information and other user data that could potentially harm ones identity.

How to avoid being a victim:

  1. Never give your Apple ID or password to anyone unless you are positive they are a trustworthy source.

  2. Never store your personal information such as usernames and passwords online or within your computer that can be accessed by anyone.

  3. Your Apple ID will never expire.

  4. Be proactive. Take a picture of your popup message and share it with your local computer technician or IT company.

  5. Don’t open email or text messages from unknown contacts.

  6. Never click on a popup link unless you are 100% confident it is from a trusted source.

  7. Microsoft will never leave you their phone number for tech support. NEVER.

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